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Insights from U Join / U Afya programme at Unilever and DFID’s Transform Event in London

TRANSFORM was founded in 2015 by Unilever and the UK’s Department for International Development to support social enterprises that meet low-income household needs in developing countries.  The partnership aims to use market-based approaches to meet low-income household needs around water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and energy.

As part of the Transform Project, Every1Mobile is working with Unilever to develop and manage U Join, a mobile platform which mobilises small shopkeepers, in Kenya, as agents of change and equips them with tools to improve their financial and business knowledge while enhancing business productivity. In parallel, U Join is piloting U Afya, a way to engage directly with consumers by building a community for young mothers where they can connect, share and learn about topics such as nutrition, hygiene and breastfeeding.

Over 600 dukas regularly access U Join content and business tools, with over 15,000 vouchers for health products being redeemed by their customers. Dukas are reporting increases in revenue and customer retention as a result of their participation in the programme. U Join is fast becoming a flagship initiative under the TRANSFORM programme as a working example of innovative, scalable, market-led solutions for socio-economic outcomes.

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