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U Join
Equipping shopkeepers to build their businesses and deliver health outcomes in low-income communities

U Join

Funders:  DFID and Unilever

Country: Kenya

Programme Dates: 2017 – 2020

Department for International Development

Programme Overview

U Join is a commercially sustainable, scalable online mobile platform for duka owners in Kenya.

(duka: Kiswahili word for “shop”, found largely in urban areas serving low-income communities )

The programme aims to increase duka owners’ business capacity, consumer loyalty and revenue, as an effective incentive to supply more Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and nutrition products.

It brings the public and private sector together within a commercially sustainable model. The platform combines (a) commercial value and social mission for corporates, (b) business growth for the shopkeeper, and (c) money saving and health information for the consumer.

The Challenge

The team set out to build a sustainable, scalable digital solution that increases duka owners’ business capacity, consumer loyalty and revenues as an effective incentive to supply more WASH and nutrition products.

At the same time, we needed to build a digital approach to engage consumers, providing them with affordable access to, demand for and consumption of WASH and nutrition products.

The Solution

Every1Mobile developed the U Join mobile platform that provides duka owners with e-vouchering services and a range of online business courses. This solution helps Unilever tap into the Kenyan market whilst supporting their partnership with DFID to promote healthy eating and WASH behaviours.

Programme Results

  • 5,300+ shopkeepers
  • 45,000+ consumers have signed up to loyalty scheme to receive vouchers
  • 26% voucher redemption rate with 5 million ksh saved by low income consumers 
  • 536,000+ e vouchers redeemed across 10 products including health, hygiene and nutritional products 
  • 55% completion rate across 8 live e-learning business and financial skills courses
  • U Join Shopkeepers stocked 48% more of Unilever’s 14 core products such as washing powder and recorded 24% more sales of these products than unaffiliated shops

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