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I Am Purple
Changing social norms around gender equality among young men and women in Nigeria.

I Am Purple

Funder: DFID

Country: Nigeria

Programme Dates: 2013 – 2017

Department for International Development

Programme Overview

Voices for Change (V4C) was an innovative, youth-focused programme aimed to create an enabling environment to discuss issues around gender equality in Nigeria. The programme applied social norms theory to address harmful attitudes, behaviours and social norms in 3 key areas:

  • Women’s voice and leadership
  • Women’s role in decision-making
  • Violence against women and girls

A lifestyle brand, I Am Purple, was developed to deliver key behaviour change messaging and create a youth-led social movement. I Am Purple utilised traditional media channels such as television and radio, as well as digital channels through the I Am Purple mobile website, the Purple app and social media.

The Challenge

Challenging gender norms is never an easy task and requires community-wide stakeholder buy-in. Therefore, to affect attitude and behaviour change, the I Am Purple message needed to be driven by the Nigerian youth themselves.

The Solution

Every1Mobile developed the I Am Purple social network and App to start a conversation around a 50/50 gender equal world. It included an e-learning component, the Purple Academy, designed to educate, empower and enlighten young men and women around gender equality.

Programme Results

  • 107 Million total youth reached through digital channels
  • 7 Million visits to the Purple social network
  • 93% of users agreed that since spending time on I am Purple’s digital spaces, they believe women and men should enjoy equal opportunities and respect
  • 119,000 learners engaged with the Purple e-learning Academy
  • 297,000 young people joined the Purple Social Network to share, learn and connect
  • 70,000 youth reported taking real world or digital actions, 48% of whom were woman

Downloadable Case Study

For more information on our approach and methods, see our case study here.