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Working with medicine vendors to expand delivery and quality of family planning and primary health care services


Funder: Unilever

Country: Nigeria

Programme Dates: 2017 – 2021

Programme Overview

NaijaCare is an online mobile platform that offers a range of digital tools and capacity building for informal Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) to drive revenue and service quality and, in turn, improve quality of care and nutrition outcomes for urban, low-income communities. Naijacare ultimately combines supply and demand-side solutions for health outcomes

The Challenge

Due to limited access to health care and health information in Nigeria, PPMVs are often sought after by low-income consumers for their advice on a range of health issues. However, PPMVs are not well supported to provide quality healthcare advice and only 20% have some level of medical training. This often results in inadequate diagnoses, treatments, referrals, health screenings and health promotion.

The Solution

Every1Mobile worked closely with its partners to develop the mobile-friendly NaijaCare platform, a for-profit digital network for PPMV’s in Nigeria and other countries which delivers business expansion while at the same time improving service delivery and delivering social impact. NaijaCare, when operating at scale, will be a self-sustaining, commercially viable platform for PPMVs across Nigeria. 

NaijaCare is part of the E1M Informal Retailer Platform that works towards modernising informal retail in emerging markets to deliver livelihoods and health outcomes at scale. The platform delivers 

  • Economic upliftment: 
    • Business-focused e-learning courses
    • Ask the expert / mentoring
  • Demand generation: 
    • E-vouchering
    • Branding and marketing materials
  • Sales and loyalty: 
    • Customer loyalty clubs
    • Online ordering for accredited medicines and FMCG
  • Health outcomes: 
    • Digital referrals

Programme Results

Since launch, NaijaCare has achieved the following:

Distribution Partner

Downloadable Case study

For more information on our approach and methods, see our case study here.