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Our Approach

Our mission is to provide digital solutions for social change using these approaches

Human Centred Design


We start by getting to know the people we are designing for through conversation, observation and co-creation, as well as creating opportunities for continuous self-monitoring and feedback flows to ensure that we are always listening to our users.



We aim to ensure that all our projects are fully accessible and inclusive for all users. Barriers to access such as gender, disability, and socio-economic status are carefully considered, and form part of our formative research and human-centered design process.

Sustainability & Scalability

Sustainability & scalability

We design with scale and capacity building in mind aiming, for sustainable handovers. We do this by building local capacities to manage and grow solutions, enabling them to continue beyond the life of a project, ensuring their sustainability.



We drive measurable impact on all our solutions to generate actionable insights to drive project outcomes in a way that is most meaningful for each target community – our platform has the functionality to measure impact in a range of ways.

Our Process

Our Platform

We have built a wholly owned platform that is specifically designed to cater for a range of devices, from desktop and smartphone to the most basic web-enabled feature phone. It is optimised for both low bandwidth and limited data environments. Every solution we design and build is locally customised and includes extensive user testing.

Our Services