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COVID-19: Every1Mobile’s Response

(Update 1) As the spread and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Every1Mobile is committed to using our digital expertise to provide high quality information to health workers and communities in order to establish the critical hygiene behaviours needed to protect themselves and others.

Our Priorities

Our priorities will include providing a COVID-19 Digital Portal for Health Worker Training and Support and a COVID-19 Digital Preventative Solution Behaviour Change Platform. Both of these will allow rapid dissemination of accessible information at scale and the generation of real-time data on communities’ knowledge, attitudes and practices.

We believe in the power of digital technology to rapidly and remotely reach communities with urgent information at this time when COVID-19 makes face-to-face interactions unsafe. Working remotely, our teams are committed to using our deep expertise in creating engaging digital learning journeys to support the COVID-19 response. Crucially, as ever, our digital solutions are optimised for low resource settings and accessible to low digital literacy users.

With our partners and clients, we are working hard to support each other through these challenging times and to quickly provide health workers and communities with the information they urgently need to protect themselves and their families.