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E1M contributes to crucial research presented at W20 Summit

Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech, an international human right. Making the internet accessible is the first step to bridging the human rights violations that some people call the digital divide.

A Berlin-based Think-and-do tank called betterplace lab recently presented their groundbreaking research at the W20 Summit, a three day congress focusing on labour markets, and financial and digital inclusion of women worldwide. The research which was conducted in six, mostly developing countries found that women are particularly affected by the digital divide and its exclusionary mechanisms.

At the W20 Summit, the study was presented to world leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel, Queen Maxima (Netherlands), Christina Lagarde and Ivanka Trump as well as over 400 journalists who attended the event.

The presentation was a huge success which led to the shaping of the W20 Communiqué and Implementation Plan. Chancellor Merkel promised to take the findings with her to the G20 in July.

Every1mobile was privileged to be able to contribute towards the study which focused on gender disparities in digital technology.

Soraiya Verjee, our Business Development Director played a lead contributory role to the African perspective based on Every1Mobile’s experience on the continent.

“Mobile technology has immense potential to narrow the information gap in developing countries. We have seen evidence of these disparities in our work areas. Projects like and in Nigeria are particularly aimed at gender justice by making mobile technologies more accessible.” Verjee elaborated.

Every1Mobile continues to seek innovative ways to use mobile technology to make positive social change. In the past twelve months, Every1Mobile has worked on programmes in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa, and is running several programmes related to Financial inclusion and education.